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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who I follow on Twitter and Why

I posted this to the sister site, and while it isn't TOP NOTCH SUPER-RIVETING CONTENT, it is content all the same, and I strive vigorously to deliver as much as I can. 
1. Iowa City Press-Citizen
2. Cedar Rapids Gazette
3. Politifact
4. Messenger News (Fort Dodge)
5. Iowa City Gabes
6. Mill_Iowa City
7. BlueMoose IC
8. Underthinking
9. shitmydadsays
10. cracked
11. Bill Maher
12. morenifflers
13. lunchyprices
14. DesignatedDick
15. MojavePhoneBooth
I’m following the twits listed above for numerous reasons, so I’ll just start with them.
The Iowa City Press-Citizen and Cedar Rapids Gazette are the most obvious, and I follow to help stay on top of local news and whatnot (The fire at the Yacht Club for instance makes perfect content for my blog).
I also follow the Fort Dodge Messenger as I’m from Northwest Iowa and may like to opine on news from the area… and I also used to work there, though I will say most of their tweets are not news related.
I follow politifact, well, because I love politifact and will often retweet when they call a politician on their lies, for example Michelle Bachmann and her claim that the HPV vaccine will make children retarded. Liars make good stories (going back to the Messenger there was a great scandal last year with former Gov. Chet Culver and developer Steve Daniels with the Diamond Joe casino proposed in Fort Dodge… money, lies, Half man/half giants… seems like a good blog subject to me.)
Iowa City Gabes, Mill_Iowa City, and BlueMooseIC I follow to keep up on local music and what’s going on in the downtown bar scene. More than one of my posts has been generated by “thorough” reporting in these locations.
I follow Bill Maher because he’s probably the best in liberal political commentary and comedy, with the possible exception of John Stewart, who I also follow.
The rest of the twits I’m following are more content-generators I use to spur ideas than to follow any given beat. Much of my content is (attempted) humor. Also by following these people, occasionally they’ll check out my tweets, follow me, and grow my followers (Wooh! We’re up to 9 now!) and since it’s linked to my blog, draw more traffic to the website.
Finally, I follow morenifflers, my sister, as she helps out with my sister blog site in generating content when I am too busy/forgetful/lazy.
Oh, and finally finally, YOU should follow ME on twitter for my many witty tweets and updates about the fascinating and mundane things that go on in my riveting life here in IC…

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