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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday Night: Zombies and Debauchery

I'm sorry to say this post will not be what I was hoping it to be.

Last night I went out on the town to celebrate the Hawkeyes win, as any self-respecting, God-fearing Iowa fan should do.

As previously tweeted, it turned out to be a night straight out of an Axe Body Wash commercial, (many bars, Irish Car Bombs, after party, Jager Bombs, great times, great people, some long time friends, some new ones made... among just some of the mayhem...) but this post is about just one aspect of all the debauchery...

At about the second bar of the night (Dublin Underground I think?) , what did I spy, but flesh-eating Zombies.

Dozens of them. Flesh rotting off their bones. Hair in unusual places. Faces melted. And glow sticks on some of them, peculiarly.

Of course, out of respect for my readers I carefully photographed and catalogued the hordes of darkness that surrounded me here and later at the Deadwood.

Okay, they weren't flesh-eating zombies, and in actuality they were just taking part in the 6th annual Zombie March held here in Iowa City to raise money for a hospice charity.

But I had an awesome collection of pics and videos of these zombies partying it up, names, little interviews, whatnot...

But somehow, somehow, I broke my phone. Smarshed on the concrete. Everything gone. Now, you can say all those Jager Bombs previously mentioned may have had something to do with this.

I disagree.

I think it's quite obvious this was Karma just balancing things out... you can only have such a great night before it has to even out... It was fated, no, DESTINED, to break, and the night will be only stored in the blurry fog of my memory, free to be exaggerated greatly and become the stuff of legends.

To my readers, I apologize for the lost content. To the Zombies, I apologize for the lost fame, my blog won't be skyrocketing you to celebrity after all.

To my body, well I won't apologize because it know it was worth it, but thanks for taking one for the team, I will be sure to scrub with plenty of Axe in repayment (Come on... sponsorship?).

Oh, and to Melon Thief (still not yet apprehended) : You have all the frozen pizza you want, I sha'nt be having any.

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